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"The Gatineau Valley Arena strives to provide a safe and high-quality sporting & recreational facility that enhances the quality of life of the residents of the Gatineau valley region.   The arena promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing opportunities for individuals of all ages to socialize with one another and to engage in physical activities."
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The Gatineau Valley Arena is owned and operated by the Central Gatineau Arena Association. The CGAA is actively working to modernize the facility and to enhance and expand the services available to better accommodate and adapt to the needs of this growing rural area.

The building of the Gatineau Valley Arena was a collaborative community effort primarily of the Low & District Lions Club and the Low Recreation Club. In the early 1990’s the only arenas in this region were in Maniwaki, Hull, Gatineau and Shawville. Youth and adults played hockey and other ice sports on outdoor ice surfaces such as the one in the St Michael’s High School yard. The property where the arena is situated was bought from a Low resident, Gerald Smith.  The arena association was incorporated in the spring of 1993. The building of the arena was funded through local fundraising, corporate fundraising, and federal & provincial grants. The actual arena construction began in September 1993, after several years of planning and fundraising. Much of the construction work was done by volunteers (over 300 people who donated 22,000 hours). Many work bees were held during the fall construction. Every weekend there were meals provided to the workers at the Heritage Hall located across the yard from the arena. Food was donated and prepared by local volunteers.  The arena opened to public skating on January 23, 1994. The original activities were minor hockey, adult recreational hockey, broomball, public skating, curling and figure skating that ran from October to March.

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The Gatineau Valley Arena is only able to operate thanks to our amazing volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering with us, or know somebody who would be interested, please contact us for more info.

Positions we're looking for include zamboni drivers, canteen workers, cleaning help, periodic general maintenance, fundraising assistance, event assistance.

Fundraising Update

Save Our Arena Campaign

The Gatineau Valley Arena is happy to report that donations are currently at $79,000. The arena association has applied to the Minister of Education for a PROGRAMME DE SOUTIEN AUX INFRASTRUCTURES SPORTIVES ET RÉCRÉATIVES DE PETITE ENVERGURE (PSISRPE) grant.  The association applied for funding for a project entitled: Revitalizing Our Community Arena for Efficiency and the Future: Step Two – Installation of High Efficiency Compressor.  We will not know if we are successful until the new year. Thanks to the following municipalities who supported our application with letters of support and donations for this project: Low, Kazabazua and Denholm. There is a federal program that we are also planning to apply for – Canada Community Revitalization Fund-Quebec.

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to the arena during the Save Our Arena campaign!

*Does not include those who requested a private donation

Donations of $5000 to $10,000

Ronald O’Connor Construction Inc

Ray Thompson Trucking Ltd

Kelly Auto Parts

Donations of $1000 to $4999

Marché Kelly Gracefield

La Generation de demain

Lane Brennan & family

Andy Ball

Crown Bay Swirls

Brian Scott

Jean-Guy Hubert

Metro Kelly Alymer

Marie-France Groulx & Patrick  Beaudry

Gilles Bérubé

Jason & Jennifer Joss

Low Curling Club

La COOP Gracefield

Donations of $100 to $999

Nona FE Argue

Douglas & Anita O'Neil

Karen Bays

Brian & Faye Lachapelle

Gail Draper

Lynda Boonstra

Edward Hanrahan

Heather Quinn

Celina Fleury

Bryan Lapeer

Carol Ann Levett

Karen Morris

Scott Brown

Pauline A  sauve

Jacques Raymond

Henriette Bristow

Ralph Roberts

Lisa McCambley-Fleury

Marilyn  Holmstron

Blair  Richardson

Cameron  MacLaren

Gilbert &  Carla McLaughlin

Colin  Thompson

Ken Molyneaux

Matthew  O'Meara

Cassandra Diotte

Kevin Timmins

Cindy & Neil MacLaren

Donnie Kealey

Allan Smith

Lionel &  Patsy O'Connor

Troy  McLaughlin

Brendan  Kealey

Nolan Peck

John &  Angie Peck

Chad &  Vickie Kelly

Wayne Joynt

Lyla Carroll

Darlene  O'Connor

Irma &  Roy Peck

BrendaLee  Kelley

Tim Appleby

Mary McSheffery

Vic  McSheffery

Geoff Kealey

Anne Mahoney

Richard Moore

Debbie Levett

Derek Mahoney

Jenny  McLaughlin

John  Pinkerton

Marg & Ernie Tardiff

Marie Joanisse

Alan Blair

Anik  Benatchez

Patrik Hunt

Peter &  Betty McLaughlin

Molly &  Anna Monette

Jack and Barbara  DesBrisay

Brett  Tackaberry

Cynthia  Hoffman

Michel  Tremblay

Mary Farrell

Loralee O'Sullivan

Zeta McCambley

Cindy McMillan

Tony  Campanale

Eco  Déneigement

John Field

Jane Mahoney

Andrew Fairbairn & Tanya  Hill-Lariviere

Anne Frost

Sheila Duke

Charles Bernard

Bryan Daly

Philip John Gibson

James Mahon

Donald Grant/Marjolein Groenevelt

Pauline Emond

John Bull

Joan Morris

Andre Asselin

Susan Draper

Margaret Trudeau

Dustin McCambley

Robin McLaughlin

Dean & Manon

Tara Wakeling

Greg & Kathleen McLaughlin

Wade & Tania McCambley

David & Gail Chamberlin

Brad Lachappelle

Lucy Daly

Garry & Ida Kealey

Michel Gauthier

Richard Hofer

Art & Sheila Kealey

Tim, Donna & Harley Brennan

Eldred Hayes

Kelly Hayden

June & Bob Wilson

Kathleen Brennan

Shirley Anne Bowen McBride

Nancy & Tex Peck Wilson

Angie Collins

Lisa & Marc Savard

Robinson Glenn

Wesley Bolduc

Pascale Taillefer 

Tim Butler

John Miedema

Mike & Kelly Diotte

Al & Barbara Mahoney

Penny Warne

Alana Albert

Mark Froimovitch 

Lyla Brennan

Cindy Paulin

Danielle & Alex Dubien

Louise Erickson

Derrick Lalonde

Justin & Matt Francis &  Edie Van Alstine 

Donations of $99 or less

Mario Larocque

Glen Payne

Marie Vaillant

Ashley Levett

Kirsten LaSalle

Nic Pinkerton

Elena Pinkertin

Lori Leslie

Rob Kealey

Meaghan Lachapelle

Tracy Kealey

Faye & Dave Edwards

Neil Poutanen 

Wesley Ross

Alison Carroll-Dawe

Tristan Loomis

Andrea Quinn

Ian Fall

Francine Chartrand

Lise St Jean

Louise Schwartz 

Tamara Smithers

Palma & Joanne Noel 

Kevin & Barbara Rooney

Janet Egan

Ueli Dörig

Paul Benoit

Nicolas Turcotte

Linda Cronk  Miljour

Shane Stevenson

Nancy Hall

Alain Marcil

Miranda Stevenson

Peter Muir

David Harris

Brendan Bolduc

David Gazsi

Robert Bigonesse

Alexia Dalpé

Wayne Leslie

Joe & Mildred Plunkett

Tamara Tarasoff 

Chris Nelson

Mark Savage

Joanne Cooke

Marian McGrath

Tom Raina

Dylan Rollo

Susan Attenborough

Mark & Janet Chamberlain

Barbara Hendrick

Marcelle St Jean

David Bartlett

Apologies in advance for any omissions or misspelled names.



How to make a donation

The Gatineau Valley Arena is a volunteer organization, as such, any donations are gladly accepted and crucial to our ongoing mission. If you would like to make a donation, you can send a cheque made out to the Central Gatineau Arena to 342 route 105, Low, Quebec, J0X 2G0 or contact us to discuss other options.

central gatineau arena association (Cgaa)

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Ian Storto
Susan Draper
Tara Wakeling
Bradley Allen Lachapelle
Andre Asselin
Craig Gabie
Scott Mahoney
Michael Desmarais
Frank Mahoney
Gilles Labelle
Patrick Beaudry
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